3 Important Questions When Hiring A Web Design Company

August 7, 2018Web Design

3 Important Questions When Hiring A Web Design Company

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Enlisting the help of a web design company to design your business website doesn’t only mean that you’re giving them a project to work on, but you’re entrusting the future of your business to them. Sadly, there so many of us asked the wrong questions and pay attention to the wrong things. There are 3 important questions you must ask if you ever planning on hiring a web design company; about seo marketing strategy, website optimization, and updates. Do not make a mistake that will cost your business and resources because you didn’t ask these 3 questions.

Here are the 3 important questions:

Do You Have An SEO Specialist?

This is important because it’ll affect the cost and budget for your website. Not only that, you need to have and ready with information architecture before the designer steps in and starts the project. Because every business websites should always be built around relevant, and business critical keywords. Every pages has it purpose, but to make it work online it must be built around relevant keywords. Keywords function as signboards to guide people/traffic to your website. A website without proper keywords is like a shop without a signboard or flyer ads.

So, an SEO specialist will do keyword research on keywords that are relevant to your business and will develop SEO strategy. Using the seo marketing strategy they have had devised, they will attract and guide traffic to your website, boosting your website rank when more and more traffic discovered it. Think of it like putting up a giant advertisement billboard or banner telling and directing people to your newly opened shop, so when more people knows about your shop it’ll become famous and known by more people, simply put, like i mentioned earlier it is like a signboard.

Is Website Optimization Included?

Most clients tend to forget to ask this questions, because of this they ended up with a website that loads too slow. Bear in mind that not every web design companies provide website optimization because it requires a huge amount of resources, planning, testing, evaluation and smooth execution.

Slow loading pages will have low visitors engagement and low average time with increased bounce rates. This will affect your website rankings because Google use users behaviour to determine rankings. The higher the bounce on your website, the lower your site rank will be. At worst it Google might even remove it.




How Can I Update My Website Later In The Future?

Whenever the website building process is completed, make sure to ask the designer or the person in charge about making updates or changes to the website. Be sure to ask for Content Management System, with you’ll be able to change and update the website at anytime.

Save These Questions In Your Head

These questions are very, very crucial for both you and the web design agency you going to hire, because it will save both sides from misunderstanding and to avoid yourself from spending more than you supposed to. By knowing what services a digital and web design agency has to offer, you can make comparison to see which agency offer the best services package.

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