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Having an Ecommerce website requires you to have an ecommerce web design that catches your visitor’s attention and keep them from leaving your site as soon as they see it. It doesn’t matter if you have the best products or services, if people that visit your site won’t last 3 seconds or at least reach your product page.

Your website is the front of your business. It can either make or break your success. Follow these 4 tips to ensure your success:


Good graphics

Not everything in your page has to be moving or a ton of flashing text. Graphics that are good for a website should be eye-catching, without removing the focus of your customers from your product. Consider hiring someone to create custom graphics for your site. Invest on it now, as you will benefit from this later.

Keep it simple

More is not always better. Bombarding your visitors with a dozen of photos, text-heavy pages, 50 plus selections and random pop ups will most likely make them leave in a matter of seconds.

Keep you website clean and simple. Keep your selections and layout clear and easy to look at.

Ease of payment

After spending time shopping for the items that they love, customers don’t want to be surprised at the checkout with prompts that require them to register for an account before they can complete their purchase or make them fill in a ton of forms. Keep payment as simple as possible to avoid shopping cart abandonment from your customers.


Clear information

Strike the right balance of putting important information in your products and to give them details that they need, avoid them from getting bored from reading an essay. Keep things simple and just list the important product details, like color, size, pricing, etc.


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