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5 Great Tips for the Best Home Exterior Design

December 12, 2019Architecture

Doing a house exterior makeover is necessary, especially if you are thinking of wowing
your guests. But, how can you do that without breaking the bank? Well, I happen to
have some great tips for you in this article, so be sure to read through the rest of this
post to find out what they are.

Begin with Some Low-Cost Maintenance

Cleaning the outside of your house can certainly do wonders when it comes to its
aesthetic appeal. You’re going to want to start with some low-cost maintenance as it
can really help beautify your place without spending too much money.

Think about mowing the lawn, watering your plants, do some repainting on old walls,
and even investing in low-maintenance plants can also do wonders.

You can even buy certain things like a huge welcome mat that you can put on your front
door to make your house even more inviting.

Do Some Landscaping

A lot of exterior designers and architects know the value of landscaping when it comes
to adding more aesthetic appeal to your house.

Landscaping is basically giving your house a redesign by adding ornate elements, new
flowers, and perhaps doing some additional designs by making use of your house’s area.

Before you do some landscaping, make sure to look at your house and its surrounding
area in its entirety. Only focus your attention on the area that is visible in all angles so
that everything will be worth it. And, by doing so, you can turn the exterior of your house
to an aesthetically-pleasing one- all without spending a huge amount of money.

Give the Outside of Your House a New Paint Job

Giving your house a new paint job can easily do wonders for its aesthetics. It is a good
idea to only use two different colors if you are going to repaint your house, but you can
also stretch it to three, provided that the third one is going to be used only as an accent color.

That being said, focus on the walls and basically all of your house in its entirety.
However, if you have brick or stone walls, it is best that you leave it untouched since
they won’t get the maximum appeal from any paint.

Consider Renovating the Old Parts of Your Home

If your house has been around for so many decades now, doing a paint job will not be
the most ideal thing that you can do. Instead, survey your house and see all of the old
things. Then, consider making a home renovation by replacing these parts with new ones.

You see, an old home is one that could potentially be filled with deteriorating windows,
failed masonry joints, leaky gutters, and rotted sills, to name a few.

Home renovation may be required, but just keep it in line with your current budget.

Pay Attention to the Roof

The roof of your house is one of the standout features of the said building. That is why it
is important that you also pay attention to it and ensure that nothing is broken. If
everything is okay, you can consider a new paint job. However, if something needs to
get fixed, have it fixed first before repainting it.