5 Powerful Must Know Tools For Creative Web Designers

October 22, 2018Web Design

Web design is composed of several regulation and skills in website maintenance and creation. It is important for web designers to have perception of usability. If their job requires them to create mark up, then they should also be up-to-date with the recent web accessibility guidelines.

Web designers utilize various tools, depending on their production process. These platforms and tools are being updated as the years progress, but the concepts behind them are the same. Moreover, there are other testing tools for accessibility and usability to make sure that web accessibility guidelines are met.

The following are the most popular and most used web design tools.

1.Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a popular and important software for graphic designers. This software can be utilized in both Apple and Windows’ operating systems. Its main functions are website design, photo editing, and element creations for any kind of project. You can also use this for creating posters and business cards.

Adobe Photoshop can be very useful for professionals, but its abilities to render or edit text is limited. However, if you want, you can expand its features by installing plug-ins. These are programs distributed and developed independently by Photoshop.

2.Font Base

Font Base is a management tool that you can install for free, and is compatible in all 3 major operating systems. It provides a great visual Graphical User Interface (GUI) for all your fonts, and organizes them by font foundries, custom folders and collections. Through this, you can experiment with several fonts, and you can also acquire dynamic web fonts from the Google library. This is considered as the best tool for font management.

3.Sketch App

Sketch is a dependable professional graphic editor for Mac users. It is a design platform that uses a complete vector-based workflow. It can be used by all kind of developers, from website and UI designers to product and UX designers.

Sketch App is very easy to learn and utilize. If you are a new user, you will surely love this. Make sure to adapt to this software, and open invitation to begin creating some shapes. It also offers cool features—it auto saves your project and workflow.


IconJar organizes all of your icons in single place. It not only stores every icon that you utilize, it also makes it more convenient for you to look for your icons in various folders. The search option has been developed and designed with efficiency and speed. The downside? It only runs in Mac OS.


Figma is a reliable UI design tool, and collaborative interface design platform. It is the very first design software that is based on the browser, making it more manageable for teams to build platforms. There is no need to download, upload and worry about installing new versions again. It is the ultimate source for design files, and can be used using any operating system—Mac, Windows or Linux). If you want to upload mockups, export CSS and share designs, you will find this tool useful.

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