6 Interior Design Tips From Professionals


1.Use color sparingly.

All architecture firms would tell you that color must not overpower architecture. Instead, it should improve the exterior and interior framework. Remember, strong colors would make a bigger impact when used in accessories, fabric and artwork.

2.Be patient, and follow your instinct.

The interior design process is an evolutionary one. You need to take your time. If some things don’t feel right, chances are, you would get tired of it quality. Also, if you are working with an interior designer, communicate well. Don’t be scared to speak up.

3.Don’t copy the designs of other professionals.

Consider other people’s designs as inspiration. Don’t try to imitate them. Home designs should be highly personal. Remember, once you enter into a room, you need to make it feel yours uniquely. It must tell your story.

4.Trust your architecture and interior design team completely.

You need to work with a lot of people to create a beautiful room. Interior design is not a one-man job, so it’s crucial to work with a wonderful team. Trust them to turn your goals to reality.

5.Be intentional.

Every detail must be carefully considered. It should serve a specific purpose. Using meaningful items keeps the entire essence of all the inhabitants, while making sure that the space gets is thoroughly addressed.

6.Be your own curator.

Gather a collection of home decorations. Don’t hesitate to be your own curator. If you can, splurge on special pieces each year. As the time progress, you will have a house filled with awesome pieces.

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