6 SEO Problems Every Marketer Faces

November 8, 2018SEO

SEO is not only about keywords. It helps in your campaigns and overall comprehensive SEO strategy. As digital professionals, you need to know how to address certain SEO issues. Below are some of the most common SEO problems, and how to fix them. Here are some tips from professional seo consultant.

Problem #1: Focusing on Too Much Keywords

Without keywords, there is no SEO strategy. Keywords are crucial to achieving the high level of online presence you need. However, some professionals overdo it. So, how many keywords are considered as “too much”?

How can you fix it?

  • Utilize your analytics to look for keywords with huge bounce rates. Set them aside for now.
  • Establish and review your own editorial calendar. Make sure that your content incorporates hot keywords.
  • Prepare a structured plan. Add new keywords in your strategy.
  • Make optimized content and landing pages for keywords with low values.

Problem #2: No Enough Local SEO Traction

Some businesses don’t prioritize local search. This is a wrong move, since an efficient local search must work well with SEO in making your brand even more discoverable online. Implementing a local SEO strategy can help improve authority and trust to your brand.

How can you fix it?

  • You must have a dedicated contact page with your phone and business address.
  • Add your contact details in an organized manner at the footer of your web pages.
  • Make sure you have a listing at Google My Business and other online business directories

Problem #3: No Enough Details on Potential Customers

If you are launching new services, you must reintroduce yourself to your target customers. Know what they want. This can open more and more sales opportunities.

How can you fix it?

  • Coordinate with sales professionals to know the questions and concerns of your prospects.
  • Prepare lead magnets that you can use in exchange of some basic details about your target customer.
  • Acquire information from the tech support and customer service teams to check on customer feedback regarding the products.

Problem #4: Confusing Buyer Journeys for Users

Once your website visitors arrive in your website, they will not only have impressions, but also clear assumptions about your offerings. Chances are, they already did some research.

Make sure to provide a clear vision of what you can offer to them. They should be able to fit these details in their plans.

How can you fix it?

  • Design video tutorials, e-books and other materials that defines the key needs of your customers
  • Automate your email marketing strategy to keep prospective customers towards the correct path.

Problem #5: Failure to Integrate New Keywords

Check on new keywords to integrate once in a while. You might have a comprehensive and meticulous strategy as of the moment, but soon, you must find new opportunities and areas to explore. Look for new keywords that can help you gain more online presence. Every new keyword is a new connection to prospective buyers.

How can you fix it?

  • Contemplate on your analytics monthly, and look for emerging, new keywords.
  • Utilize cross-linking tools to make sure that your website users discover new fully optimized web pages.

Problem #6: Poor-Quality or Not Enough Backlinks

Backlinks can surely help you stay at the top of search engine results pages. If you can, create a reliable backlink portfolio. This can make your website stand out from intense competition.

How can you fix it?

  • Reach out to different brands in other verticals that can link to your own compelling content.
  • Share your posts to bloggers and influencers who can contribute instant backlinks and traffic.

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