A Simple Guide to Understand Baby Behavior


A lot of first-time parents do not know exactly what to do when their baby cries, for example. Since your babies still cannot articulate what they want to convey like adults do, they would resort to certain behaviors in the hopes that their parents would understand what they mean.

Well, there are actually some really common cues that will allow you to know what message your baby is trying to convey. For instance, if they are crying, it could be that their baby diaper has been soiled or maybe they just want to feed.

Today, I am going to provide you with a simple guide to understanding your baby’s behavior.

Is Baby Behavior and Awareness Related?

Yes, they are actually related. When your baby is born to the world, their early experiences will help mold their well-being. What your baby hears, sees, smells, and touch would be able to teach them how to deal with the world around them. At some point, your baby will start recognizing your voice and face and they may also recognize their own reflection when they look at the mirror.

Soon enough, they will know exactly how to communicate with you to help you understand that they are either hungry or they need a diaper change or whatnot.

What Makes Your Baby Happy?

Believe it or not, babies can actually form attachments to certain things and people. You might notice that they love one toy over the others or that they have a preference as to which parent they would like to hold them.

When your baby is able to see your face, they will examine it and they would register and process the information in their brain. They will then associate you as someone who is able to provide them with security and love, as well as nourishment. So, when they cry and they want to get fed, they will stop crying whenever they see you in their midst.

What Typically Makes Babies Anxious?

As previously mentioned, babies can form attachments whenever they are able to see your face. So, one thing that makes babies anxious is the fact that either parent (whom they’re close with) would leave due to work or other important matters.

Babies would also cry if they find that they are in the middle of people whom they do not know. They need to process faces and information first before they can trust them and since they are in a room where they see faces that they haven’t recognized, your baby might cry shortly after.

What Usually Interests Your Baby?

Babies like to explore the world around them, which is why newborns and babies who are just a couple of months would put things in their mouths as a means of exploration.

When your baby turns 6 months old, they would start to understand the cause and effect and would have more control over their behavior. This is the perfect moment for parents to teach their child some positive behavioral patterns. For example, if your baby goes near an oven, you can say that it is hot there while also pulling them out of the situation.

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