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Affiliate Marketing 101: 5 Best Examples of Successful Amazon Affiliate Websites


This affiliate platforms operates under the online business, passive income and blogging niche. If you are looking for affiliate marketing opportunities in Malaysia, you can explore being on the same niche as well. Smart Passive Income is an authority in its niche market, and implements amazing strategies beginners can learn from.

Their team publishes comprehensive reviews, and implements affiliate promotions on a strong email list. There are also engaging video tutorials, teaching in-depth online marketing techniques.

If you are thinking of promoting electronics and gadgets, learn from The Wire Cutter. This platform does intensive research and testing in order to create useful, in-depth product purchasing guides. Their team is dedicated to helping people choose the best products under a vast range of categories. Since they write unique affiliate reviews, they also have a big chance of going viral online. centers on producing gear reviews. This platform has been around since the year 2010, and is one of the most trusted places under this niche. Just like The Wire Cutter, it has a comprehensive testing process. It is not focused on generating tons of money, though. In fact, the affiliate links are a bit hard to find.

If you are photographer who wants to explore affiliate marketing by writing digital camera reviews and comparison, SnapSort is the way to go. This website is quite different compared to other affiliate websites. It utilizes a data-driven method to come up with comparison and review content. Many of their posts are composed of less than 100 words, but they rank high because they use targeted keywords.

We are always looking for fun viral items and gifts. If you are looking for some cool products to give someone as gifts, this is the niche site you can turn to. Since it has a catchy domain name, it became synonymous with odd, interesting products people purchase. It utilizes affiliate links for advertisements and monetization.

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