Mobile App Development Trends to Watch in 2018 and Beyond

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Cell phones have turned into an expansion of our extremely beings as of late. From Steve Jobs saying he’d put an iPod in a telephone to what we have now, use details demonstrate exactly how much our dependence on these little gadgets has taken off.

We utilize them for music, cautions, timekeepers, informing over different stages, for example, great old SMS, to Viber, WhatsApp, and FB envoy, getting up to speed with news, viewing YouTube recordings, browsing email, corporate applications for time administration, venture administration, and numerous different assignments.

Current records indicate around 3 billion individuals worldwide claim a cell phone. Dig somewhat more profound and we see that those of us matured 25 and over utilize our cell phones around 265 times each day. As you would expect, those in the 15 to 24 age section hit their telephones significantly more – around 390 times every day. Separate that and we are altogether associated with our telephones somehow every couple of minutes while conscious. this trend researched is approved by social media marketing consultant.

Expanded reality and computer generated reality

A large portion of us have now experienced enlarged reality (consider when the Olympics communicate overlays the nation hails in every path of the pool amid swimming occasions) and augmented reality (rather than watching a screen before you-you are inundated in a fake, three-dimensional world with the utilization of a headset).

Both of these advancements have reformed gaming and diversion (think Pokemon Go for Augmented Reality or the Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift for Virtual Reality). I’m expecting some truly energizing occasions ahead for both expanded reality and computer generated reality.

Man-made reasoning (AI)

Man-made intelligence is set to offer business clients some extremely mouth-watering experiences by means of cutting edge investigation, intellectual interfaces to complex frameworks and machine learning tech. With Microsoft Pix, SwiftKey AI and Hound, we are seeing exactly how intense AI is ended up being in the versatile application space.

Cloud-based applications

Distributed computing has earned its popular expression status as of late. For applications, it’s tied in with lessening the effect on cell phones’ inward memory. Consider Dropbox or Google Cloud.

Versatile installments

Worldwide versatile installments surpassed $700 billion of every 2017, an ascent of almost $500 billion in the course of recent years. Prior in 2018, Google presented streamlined portable installments with its Pay benefit. Pay is an application – an application including Android Pay and Google Wallet under a solitary umbrella. Furthermore, obviously, we have Apple Pay.

Rather than utilizing credit or charge cards, a considerable piece of the market is making utilization of pay constructed applications in light of their telephones for installments, giving a push to m-trade.

Wearable applications

This market is enhancing and is set for considerable development over the coming years. The market is centered around offering a more prominent accessibility of savvy wellness applications, supporting a consistently expanding ascend in the aggregate number of way of life sicknesses, which is being helped by a drop in the expense of wearable gadgets, and the developing interest from the market for games and wellness based applications.

There is a now tremendous scope of wearable gadgets accessible, from keen shoes to examine your strolling design, smartwatches to check your calories, wristbands to evaluate your rest quality and savvy gloves to assist you with your golf swing. Anticipate that this will just get greater.


Blockchain is far beyond simply the innovation behind digital forms of money. Blockchain is an ethical computerized record of monetary exchanges that can be modified to record money related exchanges as well as for all intents and purposes everything of esteem.

Blockchain can include an incentive in such a large number of approaches to the manner by which we right now approach our lives and work together. Hope to see this innovation turn out to be increasingly pervasive in regular day to day existence and business.


Personalization is tremendous, and the interest for it from business has developed exponentially. Models of personalization that a considerable lot of us will comprehend are from Airbnb and Netflix. They screen your inclinations – the excursions you take, the motion pictures you watch and the inquiries you perform on their stages, and afterward they tailor substance to your conduct – to offer you an undeniably customized, directed understanding.

Android Instant App

An advancement in application sharing and application disclosure, Android Instant App enables to Android clients to see Android applications and view content without really introducing the application. This offers the capacity to modularize an application with the goal that clients stack just the segment of the moment application that they require when they require it.

For instance, The New York Times offers their crossword to clients, without the need to introduce their full application.

More Noteworthy Spotlight on Application Security

It has been anticipated that 75 percent of the applications in the market wouldn’t breeze through an essential security test. With the measure of individual information and private data numerous applications are required to manage, security is turning into a noteworthy outskirts for portable application designers.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT is a system of physical articles (the “things”) installed with hardware, programming, sensors, and system availability. These components empower items to gather and trade information without a requirement for human collaboration.

Every one of these innovations depends on the IoT in an unexpected way, giving an upper hand or differentiator. Expectations for IoT development are dangerous. This is diversion changing tech and an unfathomably energizing space.

Signals and Area-Based Services

Application for this tech is huge crosswise over lodgings, historical centers, sports and occasion settings, eateries, retail outlets, medicinal services and considerably more. Helping individuals and business with important area based data is just going to rise.


The next huge thing is continually coming in this industry. Tech moves at twist speed however offers significantly more than development and energy. It can take care of huge issues and change regular daily existences on a fabulous scale.

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Share&Stock Trading

A Basic Guide on How Share Trading Works

A Basic Guide on How Share Trading Works

There is a lot of potential for growth when it comes to the stock market. When you’re investing in stocks- buying and selling shares whenever appropriate- you will gain more profits in the process.

However, how does share trading work? Well, in this article, I will guide you to the basics of how the stock market and share trading in Malaysia works.

What is the Stock Market?

The guide about the stock market will not be complete without actually giving it its proper definition. Also known as the Stock Exchange, the stock market is a place where traders and investors can exchange their stocks and shares to gain profit.

How Does It Work?

Share trading (or stock trading) works differently today and in the past. Back in the day, people would have to call their stockbrokers (or agents that conduct the trades for them) if they want to buy or sell their stocks.

However, with the advent of modern technology, people can do it themselves by using an online stock trading platform.

Whether you’re doing it the old-fashioned way or the modern way, you will still need a broker because they will act as an intermediary between you and the company of your choosing.

Once you find the perfect company, you can buy its shares for use in trading. You can buy an unlimited number of shares so long as your money permits it.

Online and Stock Brokerage Firms

There are two ways you can get a broker. You can either get one online or you can visit one of the stock brokerage firms in your area.

An online stockbroker seems to be the best option for beginners because they usually offer lower-cost pricing schemes for their services. However, a good stock brokerage firm is handy as well since they’re offering a lot more. The choice is entirely up to you.

How Do I Earn Money?

There are multiple ways you can earn money from stock trading. Some ways are:

  1. Trading- Also known as Capital Growth, this is where you buy and sell your own shares to make your profit.
  2. Dividend Payments- When a company earns money, a part of that will be given to their shareholders in the form of Dividends. Given bi-annually, the amount you will receive will depend on the company’s earning as well as your total number of shares. Do note that the company can also choose to invest their earnings instead (which is known as “Growth shares”).
  3. Tax Benefits- When a company pays the tax on your dividend payments, a small portion of that will be added to you as well.

Benefits and Risks of Share Trading

We’ve now come to the point you’ve all been waiting for. There is a lot of benefits as well as risks involved in share trading. I will denote them using a “+” for benefits and a “-“ for the risks.

+Your assets are liquid in the sense that you can get your profits as early as two days after every transaction

+You will receive a discount when it comes to your taxes

+The promise of great benefits, so long as you do the appropriate trades

  • -Market prices are erratic, meaning, the price of a share can increase or decrease rapidly and at any time of the trading day
  • -Timing is also necessary as well. If you sell your shares while the market is bullish is good while buying shares is great if the market is bearish. Basically, it is said to be bullish if the market prices are foreseen to go up and the opposite is true for bearish markets as the prices are predicted to decrease
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Web Design

5 Powerful Must Know Tools For Creative Web Designers

5 Powerful Must Know Tools For Creative Web Designers

Web design is composed of several regulation and skills in website maintenance and creation. It is important for web designers to have perception of usability. If their job requires them to create mark up, then they should also be up-to-date with the recent web accessibility guidelines.

Web designers utilize various tools, depending on their production process. These platforms and tools are being updated as the years progress, but the concepts behind them are the same. Moreover, there are other testing tools for accessibility and usability to make sure that web accessibility guidelines are met.

The following are the most popular and most used web design tools.

1.Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a popular and important software for graphic designers. This software can be utilized in both Apple and Windows’ operating systems. Its main functions are website design, photo editing, and element creations for any kind of project. You can also use this for creating posters and business cards.

Adobe Photoshop can be very useful for professionals, but its abilities to render or edit text is limited. However, if you want, you can expand its features by installing plug-ins. These are programs distributed and developed independently by Photoshop.

2.Font Base

Font Base is a management tool that you can install for free, and is compatible in all 3 major operating systems. It provides a great visual Graphical User Interface (GUI) for all your fonts, and organizes them by font foundries, custom folders and collections. Through this, you can experiment with several fonts, and you can also acquire dynamic web fonts from the Google library. This is considered as the best tool for font management.

3.Sketch App

Sketch is a dependable professional graphic editor for Mac users. It is a design platform that uses a complete vector-based workflow. It can be used by all kind of developers, from website and UI designers to product and UX designers.

Sketch App is very easy to learn and utilize. If you are a new user, you will surely love this. Make sure to adapt to this software, and open invitation to begin creating some shapes. It also offers cool features—it auto saves your project and workflow.


IconJar organizes all of your icons in single place. It not only stores every icon that you utilize, it also makes it more convenient for you to look for your icons in various folders. The search option has been developed and designed with efficiency and speed. The downside? It only runs in Mac OS.


Figma is a reliable UI design tool, and collaborative interface design platform. It is the very first design software that is based on the browser, making it more manageable for teams to build platforms. There is no need to download, upload and worry about installing new versions again. It is the ultimate source for design files, and can be used using any operating system—Mac, Windows or Linux). If you want to upload mockups, export CSS and share designs, you will find this tool useful.

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Simple and Easy Steps to Follow to Help You Get Started on Trading in the Malaysian Stock Market

Simple and Easy Steps to Follow to Help You Get Started on Trading in the Malaysian Stock Market

How To Get Started on Trading in the Malaysian Stock Market

In just about any market, the prices can rise and fall due to a number of factors such as inflation, supply and demand, and many others.

The same can be said in the stock market. Because of its volatile nature, would-be investors freeze in fear because they might not be able to handle the stress of the stock market trends.

Still, with proper preparation and knowledge, you can get by. Here are some easy and simple steps that you can follow to help you get started on Trading in the Malaysian Stock Market before you open a stock broker account in Malaysia:

1. Identify Your Risk Tolerance

Before you hop into stock market trading, you have to first identify your risk tolerance. Basically, this term refers to how much risk you’re willing to take.

You see, investing in the stock market is a risky business because its volatility will affect the prices erratically. One day your shares might be higher in value and the next day, its intrinsic value plummets to its lowest level.

Evaluating your risk threshold is important because it can affect your decision-making process. Are you willing to spend money on investments that might not give you the best possible profits? Or are you going to patiently wait for the right time to trade, even though it will take a long time because you do not want to suffer the stress due to the risks involved?

2. Create an Account

In Malaysia, you are required to open a CDS or Central Depository System account. You can either do so by going to a brokerage firm or you can also do that by going to an investment bank.

This account is akin to a brokerage account which allows you to buy and sell shares in the stock market. Whenever you earn money from trading, all of the profits will directly be deposited in your CDS account.

The process of opening a CDS account is actually quite easy. All you really need is to go to a brokerage firm or investment bank, present a copy of your official identification card and also your RM10 postcodes as well.

In conjunction with opening a CDS account, you will also need to open a trading account as well. Both of them will be used simultaneously when you are conducting trades in the Malaysian stock market.

3. Find the Right Broker

After creating an account, it is best for novices to find a suitable stockbroker to help them with the trades. You can find one in the stock brokerage company of your choice.

However, keep in mind that this is just optional. You can pretty much do trades yourself, but If you’re still new, I highly recommend that you start with a stockbroker first.

4. Do the Necessary Prep Work

The stock market, in reality, is not as easy as just investing in a company and calling it a day. No, you have to conduct your own research.

Find the best companies to invest your capital in and buy some shares from them. Do not just settle for a company or two- buy as many shares as you can from as many different sources as possible to help diversify your investment portfolio.

Always think of investing for the long-term as you will reap greater benefits if you do. The stock market is not for the weak and for those who want to just withdraw their money without holding on to it for years. Doing the necessary prep work will give you an edge over the other novice traders.

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Marketing TechNews

10 Safety Reminders When Using Social Media

10 Safety Reminders When Using Social Media

Are you planning to use social media to expand your network professionally? Regardless if you are using it on a purpose or you are simply using it for communication and for your enjoyment, you have to be reminded about the safety tips in using it. These tips can help you avoid incidents that may occur from careless using:

1.Think first before posting anything.

Your status or tweet could reach so many people. Years ago, Bill Maher described a coverage about Haiti as a “brain fart” on Twitter. Later on, he was shocked to hear it being quoted on a TV show.

2.Keep your valuable data only to yourself.

Never share any personal detail about you or your life on social media. There are a lot of issues regarding this because there are people who get this information for hacking and scamming.

3.Never share anything you will regret sharing.

Even if it’s just a simple tweet or a status, there’s a chance people will already screengrab it before you delete them. The may not be retrieving data from the social media network, but this only goes to show that sooner, your social media data will also be possibly retrieved even if you already removed them.

4.Be vigilant in sharing username and passwords.

If you just availed the services of a social network monitoring service, chances are they will be asking for your social media credentials to begin with. Before you do, make sure you clearly understood their terms and agreement.

5.Choose the people you add online.

There’s nothing wrong in being friendly to everyone. But that’s in real world. In social media networks, you have to be selective. Otherwise, you might just be befriending the wrong person.

6.Have a specific approach for each platform.

LinkedIn is a platform dedicated to your professional acquaintances. It goes without saying that you have to be formal when using it unlike in Facebook, where your usual followers are just your family and friends.

7.Send your messages only to the people who should be seeing it.

In such case, you can use the “Direct Message” feature on Instagram or Instant Messaging on Facebook.

8.Don’t hang out on too many sites.

This is one of the biggest rookie mistakes. When you join in almost all platforms you see, you will spend time on these sites and forget other stuff you should be doing.

9.Be someone worth following.

People will unfollow someone if he is a lurker. Don’t be like that. Instead, let people know that you are there to share valuable information. This will prevent bullying which is a big issue right now on social media.

10.Don’t post stuff that will clearly annoy people.

Sharing that it’s raining in your place may sound normal to you. But some people don’t just care about that. To protect yourself from being bashed, just be on the safe side. Don’t post mediocre things and those that you know people will be raising their eyebrows at.

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Web Design

Some Incredible Design Tips Coming from Real Designers


A creative website is actually quite easy to do, provided that you have a plan of action beforehand. Here are some incredible design tips shared by some real and professional web design companies:

1. First Impressions Should Last

Your website design should be appealing at first sight so that people will actually spend more time looking around.

In fact, whenever a user finds your site through search engines, they should be able to see what your site is all about and what things you have to offer should be known immediately after reaching your page.

Your navigation has to be simple enough, your headline should be attention-grabbing, the use of images should be something that is relevant to what you offer and it has to be interesting and engaging as well.

2. Headlines are Quite Important

Your headline is so important that if they see your message and they believe in what you have to say, then they’re most likely to stay on your site for a while longer.

Since they are so important, here are some things that you need to know in order to create a catchy headline:

  • The headline should be direct to the point. If it can be explained in only one sentence, then do so
  • How do your products and services differ from other companies?
  • Use a tool like Google Analytics to find out which style will be most useful in attracting your audience
  • Do not use industry jargon
  • Highlight only one or two features.

The reason why it has to be so short is to make it so that it will be a. easier to see and b. easier for navigation.

It also helps if you can use a large and suitable font for your headlines. Again, your aim here is to make it attention-grabbing as much as possible.

Also, put your headline front and center and it has to be “above the fold”, meaning that it should be placed directly on the landing page.

3. The Proper Use of Imagery is Necessary

Using the proper photos on your website is necessary because it can help them make a buying decision when they see relevant images. This is especially true if you sell multiple products.

Now, here are some things that you need to know about the imagery:

  • Make sure to capture photos yourself; do not use stock photos
  • If capturing your own images is not possible, you can use some stock photos but make sure that you’ve acquired them legally by paying the contributor
  • It should be something that is totally relevant to the product or service you’re offering
  • You must not use a background that grabs attention away from the images you use. Use a subtle background that will help amplify the image instead.
  • Never use any photo filters or any photo-altering software just to enhance your images. You have to capture high-quality images from the get-go.


Remember, your website’s design should serve a purpose and it has to grab the attention of the audience in as little as 5 seconds.

Clever use of headlines and imagery can really help make them stay on your site a while longer. And who knows, they might turn into customers and avail your products and services.

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Web Design

7 Quick Tips to Help Improve Your Web Design Skills


If you’re looking to design a website for professional or business use, you might find that you either lack creative freedom or you just do not know how to implement some things that are appropriate for the scenario.

So what I am going to do today is impart some tips on how you can quickly improve your web design skills. Read on to find out because even the best web design companies implement these tips!

1. Wireframe Using Grayscale Design

When doing something that requires planning, you can wireframe certain elements of your web page so that you will know how to tackle things.

If you do it, make sure to use only shades of gray first so that you will know how things will turn out. Once the structure has been made, slowly incorporate images and colors to bring things to life.

2. Use Different Types of Fonts to Suit the Taste

Designing corporate websites are different because you have to use fonts in a professional manner. Using different combinations of fonts is a big no-no in corporate websites. However, if you do not know which font to use, what are you going to do?

Well, you can browse through using Google Fonts to find the one that suits the tone of your business. It is a large collection and it can really help you find some interesting styles that you otherwise wouldn’t know if you didn’t use the platform.

3. Simple Navigation is Key

Simplifying navigation is important in corporate websites. You want people to access certain pages of your site in a few clicks as possible.

To do that, you could start by removing drop-down menus as they are old and outdated. Next, you can implement breadcrumbs so that whenever a user wants to go a few pages back, they can instantly do so.

4. Get Inspiration from Nature

Now, although we want to make sure that a corporate website will look as professional as possible, this is not to say that you cannot use certain colors, especially ones that were inspired by nature.

If you have a hard time thinking about which color to use, go out and explore nature. Take a long walk along scenic routes or you can even just browse through different nature photos on the web.

Looking at such graphics will inspire you on which color you need to choose for the website.

5. Use Mood Boards

In the spirit of getting inspiration, another way you can do so is by creating mood boards. This really helps a designer, specifically, when they’re experiencing what is known as a creative “tunnel vision.”

Go to an image platform like Pinterest and get as many relevant images as you can. Paste them on a digital board and be creative enough by adding colors, layouts, and different patterns until you can find one that works.

6. Do Not Put Social Media Icons Just About Anywhere

Instead, put them somewhere in the middle of your web pages or at the footer section. The reason is that you want the people who flock to your site to spend as much time as possible and adding social icons at the beginning of your page or content just defeats the purpose of creating them in the first place.

7. Squint It to Get It

If you want to know which website elements that you’ve implemented are the most prominent, you have to do the squint test.

To do this, you just take a step or two back from your computer screen and then squint. All the prominent graphical elements will be known to you when doing this and you can change things accordingly until both you and your clients are satisfied.


As a designer, you might think that you really can’t exercise creative freedom when designing a corporate website. However, that is just not the case. Yes, you have to follow some rules, but the thing is, you can be creative in other areas instead.

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Marketing Tech

4 Amazing Tips that will Improve Your Content Marketing and SEO Strategy


Having a content strategy is more than just making quality blog content. There are several other important elements that can successfully drive website traffic, revenue and visibility.

Creating compelling SEO content involves a lot of research. You need to research relevant, popular keywords and topics.

In this article are 4 important ideas that can contribute to a successful content strategy. Excited to implement these on your own website? Keep on reading.

  • Research not just your audience but also your competitors.

To be able to implement a successful content marketing strategy, you need to know what type of content your target audience will love. Address their problems and challenges. Present main points, and answer their questions. Always point your readers to the right direction.

Competitive research is also another important thing. Analyze the platforms of your competitors to identify what kind of content delivered them good results. What keywords are they using? What promotional strategies are they implementing? The answers to these questions can contribute to the solid foundation of your own strategy.

  • Target your search intent correctly.


The pieces of information we need change, depending a lot on our current search intent. Build a successful strategy around this by creating different content topics. Through this, you can target specific users with the same relevant intents.



  • Experiment on mixing different content promotion strategies.

Your goals are to increase organic traffic and boost search rankings. However, don’t commit the mistake of focusing on just a single promotion channel. Utilize other content distribution strategies! Why? Well, this can help you generate more leads with a seo service, most especially if you use a strategy to generate interest from certain websites that can reference it.

  • Test new content ideas.

Once you have launched a new content marketing strategy, you can start identifying new opportunities and ideas that can boost your website content’s performance.

Test new website content ideas, keywords and topic categories. Add new call-to-action statements.  You can also try updating to a new page layout. Experimenting on new things can take your existing content marketing strategy to a whole new level.

Do you know what other companies do? They identify top landing pages, and they also optimize page layouts to generate more responses. Businesses regularly deploy changes based on their “content experiment” findings.

How to start those “tests”?  You need to have the specific data on hand. Find useful platforms and tools that can help you with your analytics. These tools can give insights that can fuel your existing strategy. Find platforms that can offer more than just traffic sources and page view analytics.

Final Thoughts?

Content marketing may sound very simple for some people, but trust me, it is gradually becoming a very competitive and complicated approach. Publishing articles on your blog or company website is not enough to get your audience’s interest. You need to do in-depth promotion and research. Learn all the necessary points to increase your website content performance, and deliver the ROI.

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Marketing Tech

4 Successful tips for Ecommerce sites


Having an Ecommerce website requires you to have an ecommerce web design that catches your visitor’s attention and keep them from leaving your site as soon as they see it. It doesn’t matter if you have the best products or services, if people that visit your site won’t last 3 seconds or at least reach your product page.

Your website is the front of your business. It can either make or break your success. Follow these 4 tips to ensure your success:


Good graphics

Not everything in your page has to be moving or a ton of flashing text. Graphics that are good for a website should be eye-catching, without removing the focus of your customers from your product. Consider hiring someone to create custom graphics for your site. Invest on it now, as you will benefit from this later.

Keep it simple

More is not always better. Bombarding your visitors with a dozen of photos, text-heavy pages, 50 plus selections and random pop ups will most likely make them leave in a matter of seconds.

Keep you website clean and simple. Keep your selections and layout clear and easy to look at.

Ease of payment

After spending time shopping for the items that they love, customers don’t want to be surprised at the checkout with prompts that require them to register for an account before they can complete their purchase or make them fill in a ton of forms. Keep payment as simple as possible to avoid shopping cart abandonment from your customers.


Clear information

Strike the right balance of putting important information in your products and to give them details that they need, avoid them from getting bored from reading an essay. Keep things simple and just list the important product details, like color, size, pricing, etc.


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5 Penetration Test Tips to Create a More Secure Mobile App


App development teams make use of their time to think about the overall design of the smartphone app development and although that is important, security is also crucial.

You see, plenty of attackers are now using the mobile platform to steal your information, use your identity to do malicious things, and so on.

As an app developer, you are in charge of the security of the app so that users will feel safe while using it.

In this article, I will share some test tips so that you can create a more secure mobile app.


  • Mobile App and the Web Interface are not Similar


First and foremost, it is important for you to know that a mobile app is not entirely the same as the web. Although you use the Internet to make connection, there are certain things that are not present in an app that is present in a web interface.

Things such as stricter access control and two-factor authentication are present in a web interface while that is not the case for a mobile application.

Knowing this difference is key so that you will know what parameters you need to take to ensure that your software is more reliable and secure.


  • Test the App if it is Secure from Attacks


So, you have finally developed your app as per your specifications and now it is time to test its vulnerabilities. Here are some key areas you need to be aware of:

  1. Encryption- Are all of the sensitive information encrypted? If not, make sure to use some form of encryption.
  2. Anti-tampering measures- Does your app have a defense that prevents any form of tampering?
  3. Resilience- Does your app have the ability to detect emulators and root attempts?
  4. User-interface Security- Do you allow the use of third-party accessories like a keyboard? Can hackers tamper with sensitive information in any way?


  • Assess the Risks


How safe is your app? Make sure that your code cannot be edited or tampered in any way so that they do not have the ability to reverse-engineer it.

If your app is a payment app, ensure that all encryption parameters are in place so that they cannot get sensitive information from a user’s device.

Also, keep in mind that attackers can breach into app databases and they can steal information from there. To prevent this from happening, make sure that no matter what happens, third-party attempts are not permitted.


  • Use the Right Tools and Techniques for the Job


Utilizing the right tools and techniques to prevent attackers from compromising your app is key. You could use black-box testing and source code scanners as mandated by OWASP’s Mobile AppSec verification standard to know if your app is impenetrable.

Furthermore, using search engines that specifically helps you know if your app can be compromised is also a nice thing to do.


  • Think Like Them


To know how attackers work, you have to think like them. What would you do in order to gain access to sensitive information? After knowing their thought process, it is best that you implement parameters to keep them at bay.


Government agencies have imposed certain measures for app developers to follow, ensuring that their software is impenetrable while also keeping the user’s data safe and secure. Be sure to keep in mind that when developing an app, you must not skimp on the security aspect of it as it is just as important as the design.

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