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10 Safety Reminders When Using Social Media

10 Safety Reminders When Using Social Media

Are you planning to use social media to expand your network professionally? Regardless if you are using it on a purpose or you are simply using it for communication and for your enjoyment, you have to be reminded about the safety tips in using it. These tips can help you avoid incidents that may occur from careless using:

1.Think first before posting anything.

Your status or tweet could reach so many people. Years ago, Bill Maher described a coverage about Haiti as a “brain fart” on Twitter. Later on, he was shocked to hear it being quoted on a TV show.

2.Keep your valuable data only to yourself.

Never share any personal detail about you or your life on social media. There are a lot of issues regarding this because there are people who get this information for hacking and scamming.

3.Never share anything you will regret sharing.

Even if it’s just a simple tweet or a status, there’s a chance people will already screengrab it before you delete them. The may not be retrieving data from the social media network, but this only goes to show that sooner, your social media data will also be possibly retrieved even if you already removed them.

4.Be vigilant in sharing username and passwords.

If you just availed the services of a social network monitoring service, chances are they will be asking for your social media credentials to begin with. Before you do, make sure you clearly understood their terms and agreement.

5.Choose the people you add online.

There’s nothing wrong in being friendly to everyone. But that’s in real world. In social media networks, you have to be selective. Otherwise, you might just be befriending the wrong person.

6.Have a specific approach for each platform.

LinkedIn is a platform dedicated to your professional acquaintances. It goes without saying that you have to be formal when using it unlike in Facebook, where your usual followers are just your family and friends.

7.Send your messages only to the people who should be seeing it.

In such case, you can use the “Direct Message” feature on Instagram or Instant Messaging on Facebook.

8.Don’t hang out on too many sites.

This is one of the biggest rookie mistakes. When you join in almost all platforms you see, you will spend time on these sites and forget other stuff you should be doing.

9.Be someone worth following.

People will unfollow someone if he is a lurker. Don’t be like that. Instead, let people know that you are there to share valuable information. This will prevent bullying which is a big issue right now on social media.

10.Don’t post stuff that will clearly annoy people.

Sharing that it’s raining in your place may sound normal to you. But some people don’t just care about that. To protect yourself from being bashed, just be on the safe side. Don’t post mediocre things and those that you know people will be raising their eyebrows at.

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4 Amazing Tips that will Improve Your Content Marketing and SEO Strategy


Having a content strategy is more than just making quality blog content. There are several other important elements that can successfully drive website traffic, revenue and visibility.

Creating compelling SEO content involves a lot of research. You need to research relevant, popular keywords and topics.

In this article are 4 important ideas that can contribute to a successful content strategy. Excited to implement these on your own website? Keep on reading.

  • Research not just your audience but also your competitors.

To be able to implement a successful content marketing strategy, you need to know what type of content your target audience will love. Address their problems and challenges. Present main points, and answer their questions. Always point your readers to the right direction.

Competitive research is also another important thing. Analyze the platforms of your competitors to identify what kind of content delivered them good results. What keywords are they using? What promotional strategies are they implementing? The answers to these questions can contribute to the solid foundation of your own strategy.

  • Target your search intent correctly.


The pieces of information we need change, depending a lot on our current search intent. Build a successful strategy around this by creating different content topics. Through this, you can target specific users with the same relevant intents.



  • Experiment on mixing different content promotion strategies.

Your goals are to increase organic traffic and boost search rankings. However, don’t commit the mistake of focusing on just a single promotion channel. Utilize other content distribution strategies! Why? Well, this can help you generate more leads with a seo service, most especially if you use a strategy to generate interest from certain websites that can reference it.

  • Test new content ideas.

Once you have launched a new content marketing strategy, you can start identifying new opportunities and ideas that can boost your website content’s performance.

Test new website content ideas, keywords and topic categories. Add new call-to-action statements.  You can also try updating to a new page layout. Experimenting on new things can take your existing content marketing strategy to a whole new level.

Do you know what other companies do? They identify top landing pages, and they also optimize page layouts to generate more responses. Businesses regularly deploy changes based on their “content experiment” findings.

How to start those “tests”?  You need to have the specific data on hand. Find useful platforms and tools that can help you with your analytics. These tools can give insights that can fuel your existing strategy. Find platforms that can offer more than just traffic sources and page view analytics.

Final Thoughts?

Content marketing may sound very simple for some people, but trust me, it is gradually becoming a very competitive and complicated approach. Publishing articles on your blog or company website is not enough to get your audience’s interest. You need to do in-depth promotion and research. Learn all the necessary points to increase your website content performance, and deliver the ROI.

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4 Successful tips for Ecommerce sites


Having an Ecommerce website requires you to have an ecommerce web design that catches your visitor’s attention and keep them from leaving your site as soon as they see it. It doesn’t matter if you have the best products or services, if people that visit your site won’t last 3 seconds or at least reach your product page.

Your website is the front of your business. It can either make or break your success. Follow these 4 tips to ensure your success:


Good graphics

Not everything in your page has to be moving or a ton of flashing text. Graphics that are good for a website should be eye-catching, without removing the focus of your customers from your product. Consider hiring someone to create custom graphics for your site. Invest on it now, as you will benefit from this later.

Keep it simple

More is not always better. Bombarding your visitors with a dozen of photos, text-heavy pages, 50 plus selections and random pop ups will most likely make them leave in a matter of seconds.

Keep you website clean and simple. Keep your selections and layout clear and easy to look at.

Ease of payment

After spending time shopping for the items that they love, customers don’t want to be surprised at the checkout with prompts that require them to register for an account before they can complete their purchase or make them fill in a ton of forms. Keep payment as simple as possible to avoid shopping cart abandonment from your customers.


Clear information

Strike the right balance of putting important information in your products and to give them details that they need, avoid them from getting bored from reading an essay. Keep things simple and just list the important product details, like color, size, pricing, etc.


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