Different Between Ice Cream and Froyo


People might see ice cream and frozen yogurt are just the same things because they both have flavours, and served gold and frozen. But they actually have a little bit of difference that people might not notice and ignore about it. So, what actually are the differences between these two yummy desserts.

Ice Cream

The most obvious differences between these two is the ingredients of course. For the ice cream, it actually blends dairy products which are regularly milk and cream, sweeteners, and flavour that you intend to make for the ice cream that is churned while it freezed. Ice cream usually has 10 % or milk and it should weigh around 4.5 pounds a gallon.

Frozen Yogurt

Besides that, frozen yogurt is just a mixture of yogurt, milk and cream. What actually yogurt is? Yogurt is cultured milk that has a slight sour taste rather than milk. They meant to taste sour not because it is spoiled. Yogurt also can be counted as fermented. The amount of flavor, the actual yogurt and sweeteners that you put in frozen yogurt will affect the taste of frozen yogurt.

Frozen yogurt tends to contain less fat and calories compared to ice cream. These are also the differences between these two desserts. Here is the comparison of vanilla ice cream and vanilla frozen yogurt.

Per Serving Vanilla Ice Cream Frozen Yogurt
Calories 130 120
Fat(grams) 7 2.5
Carbohydrates(grams) 16 20
Alfreds Futterkiste Maria Anders Germany
Proteins(grams) 2 3

Even though the frozen yogurt does have fewer calories and less fat rather than the ice cream, it has more carbohydrates. So, it is important to read the nutrient labels before you buy it.

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