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The Insulin-Producing Mini Stomachs

The Insulin-Producing Mini Stomachs

The Insulin-Producing Organs

Last February 2016, there’s a group of scientists in Harvard University has been discovered another way or strategy to create an insulin-producing organs in vitro which is restoring normal blood-glucose levels when transplanted into mice with ailments. The Type I diabetes, insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas are devastated by the immunes system, decreasing a person’s ability to direct glucose levels in the blood.

In the region – at the small intestine and the stomach, cells are called pylorus. At the point, when the specialists built mice that to promote the beta cell generation, they discover that these pylorus cells of stem cells, where pyloric glands located were changed into insulin-secreting cells, and could reestablish normal glucose levels in the blood.

They working with equivalent mini stomachs developed from the human tissues.

This point is to create beta-cells from these examples and transplant them back. To show the medical application of the strategy, they expelled pylorus cells from diabetic mice, changed to beta cells in vitro, and afterward developed them into insulin-producing, and gastric organs.

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