Top 5 Essential SEO Reporting Tools for Agencies

November 15, 2018SEO


Whether you are running a small or large digital agency, you would need reliable SEO reporting tools to deliver efficient services especially for the seo agency experts. Of course, you would want your clients to see their progress.

What kind of SEO reporting software should you use to implement successful SEO campaigns? What are the essential requirements.


It must work well on your end, whether you have 1 or 300 clients.

2.Wide Range of Features

An SEO reporting tool is reliable if it can efficiently help you with backlink monitoring, position tracking, competitor data and other data.

3.Accurate and Current Regional Data

Your software must have enough access to current accurate data. These must be localized, based on your client’s targeted regions.

4.Integration with Third-Party Tools

Platforms must be easily integrated with several third-party tools. This is very important for full-scale marketing campaigns. Of course, you must be able to report on all aspects of your KPI.

5.Continuously Improving and Updating Features

The SEO landscape is fast-paced, and constantly evolving. Your SEO reporting tools should evolve and improve, too.

6.Ability to Customize Reports

Every client has different objectives, priorities and KPIs. The platforms and tools you will invest in must be able to come up with customized reports at all times.

7.Client Integration

The clients must be the focus of all SEO reporting tools. It should provide you not only with the basics, but also deeper level analyses. This means automated reports and summaries, and 24/7 access to the client’s dashboards.

8.The Ability to White Label Reports

White-labeling is not really a requirement, but it helps in maintaining consistent branding.

9.Access to Support Resources

An efficient software provides high-grade support resources to help solve certain roadblocks.

10.Cost-to-Value Ratio

If you want to get better business results and solutions, you must be able to utilize efficient support services. Along with this, there must be time investment and proper workflow. You may need a lot of things to accomplish impressive services, but remember to keep all the costs reasonable.

11.Ability to Export Reports

The more accessible the dashboard is, the better. But of course, even if your clients are already enjoying unlimited dashboard access, you must still provide comprehensive reports. Make sure that a data can be exported.

12.Ease of Use

Convenience is the key to a productive and efficient work process. The tool must be able to provide complex analyses, and utmost convenience.


Make your life easier by utilizing an automated workflow. Surely, you would want to send reports automatically. This allows you to save money, time and other resources.

Top SEO Reporting Platforms and Tools You Can Use

1.Agency Analytics

This is a reliable introductory and intermediate reporting platform for digital agencies. Whether you are working on small and huge projects, this affordable and easy-to-use tool is perfect for you. It can efficiently produce automated customized reports and customizable dashboards.

2.SE Ranking

SE Ranking is the one of the most cost-effective tools around. If your agency is monitoring plenty of websites, settle for this one. The installation process is a breeze, and there are tutorials that will guide you in every step of the day.

It has a vast range of SEO-related features, including from competitor SEO research and position tracking to backlink exporting and keyword suggestions.


SEMrush offers a wide array of tools that are perfect for cost-conscious digital agencies. It has both white label and branded reports, depending on the subscription level. This tool doesn’t fall exactly on the grounds of SEO reporting, but it can serve as an efficient one-stop shop for several digital agencies.

4.Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is one of the most technical platforms you can invest in. It is more technical, meaning it requires more attention and time investment. But just like other SEO reporting platforms and tools, it allows third-party data integrations. It also customize reports, integrate sales information, and meet crucial KPIs. Installation may take a while, but in the long run, this will help you save more time and cash.

5.Authority Labs

Are you looking for an efficient position tracking tool? Well, Authority Labs is the answer to your problem. Through Authority Labs, you can monitor regional ranking data, track the keywords of your competitors, and schedule automated reports.


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