Top 6 E-Commerce Trends for 2020 That You Can Implement Now


Having a brick and mortar store wouldn’t cut it in today’s world simply because more and more people now buy their stuff online. In light of this knowledge, entrepreneurs should look into e-commerce to help them get more profits.

Today, I am going to go over some of the top e-commerce trends for 2020 that you can actually start implementing right now. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Flexible Payments

Although a sizable number of people use their credit cards to make online purchases, there are some that would use other mediums instead. Therefore, you should take it upon yourself to implement flexible payment methods as well.

What this means is that you provide as many options as possible for your customers to pay you. There are even some payment processes that allow people to pay you via installments using a particular service.

Of course, you will need to study every possible payment option first before diving in, but this is something that is worth considering, especially when moving forward.

Get More Personal

Just because you are running an online business doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make moves that will help improve your relationship with your customers.

There are actually a lot of different things that you can do. For instance, you can carefully craft your website’s ‘About’ page in that it should contain information about your company and how your customers can contact you.

You can also establish your business profile on different social media platforms so that it will be much easier for your customers to contact you at any time.

An Interactive Way of Promoting Your Products

One common reason why people abandon their online carts is that they do not have the means of telling how the product looks like.

By giving them means of knowing what product they are actually ‘going to’ purchase, you can remove that stumbling block so that people will actually push through with their purchase.

You can do this by implementing a feature where your customers can ‘interact’ with your products in a virtual environment. Of course, implementing such a feature is not cheap, but it will work out.

Improve Your Systems

What does a businessman have to do to start selling stuff online? Well, you have to establish your website first and foremost and the next part of the process is where you will establish orders from suppliers. This step is usually the hardest since you are going to have to communicate with your suppliers until the products are shipped to you (and ultimately, to your customers).

Improving your systems, especially in this instance, is a must if you are to streamline everything for your customers. That means that you may have to delve deeper into an order management system that works for you.

Make Videos a Priority

In a world where influencer marketing has become a major thing, presenting your customers with video product descriptions will give more value than just resorting to uploading still images.

Augmented Reality Features

Pokemon Go used to be a very popular game back in the day. It was the first mainstream application that utilizes augmented reality to a good extent.

Now, implementing AR in a mobile app may be expensive, but it is going to make your business app so unique that people would readily use it to improve their experience.


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