Two Most Innovative Design Trends In 2018

Two Most Innovative Design Trends In 2018

August 7, 2018Technology

2015 saw predictions of an exponential rise in motion graphics. 2016 welcomed an eager outlook toward enhanced digital experiences and the consolidation of mobile-first technology. And 2018, in turn, opened up the world of design to a fervid inclusion of augmented and virtual reality. Which triggered a whole bunch of new design ideas going around within the industry, especially with professional website design

Here is a list of design trends to expect in 2018, courtesy of some top-notch creatives in this ever-evolving industry:

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented and Virtual Reality saw a meteoric comeback in 2017. While most have quick to  ascribe this astronomic boom to the advent of ARkit (a user-friendly Apple-native framework for crafting augmented reality experiences in real-time), augmented reality (AR) had evolved by sheer, driven necessity, now inextricably complementing our experiences of 2D screen-based content.

Transparent House co-founder Denis Krylov has predicted the taut integration of AR in retail. According to Krylov, it is reasonable to foresee the likes of architects utilizing AR to map and collect materials for their future projects—one could simply direct one’s phone at a commercial floor and view how differing applications of differing materials in the same spot would reflect on their screen.

Creative director of Luci Creative Kevin Snow further predicts the assimilation of AR in museum operation on a larger scale. AR will become an essential tool in educating, relaying stories and crafting a uniquely dynamic experience for present-day museum-goers. Even in the past year, museum conference expos have seen a momentous spike in the promotion of AR hardware and software. It is clear that AR integration will transcend the status of a distant, futuristic adjunct, and Krylov even further predicts that this interactive technology will remain a thriving fixture in medical, real estate and certain segments of the entertainment industries.

Animation and Motion Graphics

Animation will at the forefront of innovative storytelling. William Campbell and Will Johnson, co-founders of Gentleman Scholar, have echoed their firm belief in the continued relevance of animation. Animated content has in past years traversed—a continually expanding array of earned media, social, corporate-owned marketing channels, and even in “out of home” executions that measure up to a tremendous scale. Campbell and Johnson have voiced their continued confidence in animation, believing it will resume a gripping revolution in storytelling across new social outlets, courtesy of new brands.

Digital vs. Physical

A persisting, fluxing interplay between the digital and the physical will be further marked by purposefully designed opportunities for Instagramming, so predicted Luci Creative principal AJ Goehle. More events and attractions will come to capitalize on the contagion of smartphone socializing, particularly to fuel chain-reactions of free mass marketing. No doubt, 2018 will continue fostering a trend of strategically placed photo op’s throughout events and attractions—a no-less-than familiar exemplar of a marriage with the digital.

Joe Gray, associate creative director of The1stMovement, predicts a necessary hike in personalized client experiences. 2018 will see apps, sites, and interactive interfaces that well surpass pre-established standards of web design.

Furthermore, Dan Carter, creative director of North America, SET Live, hopes for the resurgence of a trend to foster expertly trained and engaging employees. Carter further voices  the need for a balance: an apex at which augmented design and an employee-driven consumer experience can meet, propelling brands to even greater heights.

These are three promising design trends to expect in 2018, and overall, there is little doubt that these evolutions will expand—even more phenomenally—beyond the bounds of our foresight.

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