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Why Cloud Hosting Companies Boast Amazing Uptime Scores


Are you looking for a reliable web hosting company? If so, you have to look for one that offers cloud hosting as part of their hosting plans. Cloud hosting is quite important to a modern website owner and in this article, I will go over the reasons why that is the case.

Cloud Hosting Solves the Issues of Traditional Hosting

Back in the day, web hosting companies would have to establish their own data centers that serve as the house of their servers. These facilities will give servers the right environment to operate 24/7.

That being said, there are huge limitations when it comes to traditional hosting. For one, there is an issue of page loading speed, mainly for people that are not in the same country where the data center is.

If, for example, your hosting company’s data center is located in the U.S. and some of your audience hails from Asia, your website might load poorly using their internet connection as opposed to people that are in the same country as the data center.

Another issue is about server load. Whenever a server is overloaded with HTTP requests, it is unable to send new requests back which means that the website may not properly load on a user’s web browser.

These limitations, among many others, are solved by cloud hosting simply because it is a network of interconnected servers that has a common goal: To provide consistent and reliable web hosting services.

Advantages of Getting a Cloud Hosting Plan

You Get the Best Possible Performance

As far as page loading speeds, as well as overall website performance, are concerned, you are always going to get the best possible performance no matter where you or your users are located.

Storage Data Will Never Be an Issue

Web hosting companies that offer cloud hosting plans can also provide you with unlimited storage and data, which is great for websites that house a lot of media content and other files.

E-commerce website owners will really love this simply because they have the freedom to upload as many images or videos that will help them make the sale.

No Data Corruption

The problem with traditional hosting is that the web servers that are used by hosting companies are all contained in one facility.

Therefore, all of the other computers are also subject to data loss and corruption if there is a consistent power outage in the area where the data center resides.

With cloud hosting, you will never have to worry about data corruption at all because all of the files are within the same network, which means that if one server inside the network goes awry, the same data can still be transmitted to you without any problems since other servers will fill the void.


As more and more hosting companies are transitioning to the new-age tech, you can expect cloud hosting to be more ubiquitous than any other hosting plans on the market.

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